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recipe noun [res-uh-pee] A set of instructions, or steps, for making a meal; usually includes a description 
of the final product and a detailed list of ingredients and their amounts. For example, a recipe for tea might 
describe how to steep a tea bag or tea leaves in water. 


ACE Director 


Edited by Lewis R Cunningham 

Version 1.0 


This book is dedicated to the hard working folks at Oracle who run the Oracle ACE pro- 
gram. Vikki, Lillian, Todd, Bob and more, thank you very much. 

If you are wondering what the ACE program is, here is a bit of info from the Oracle web 

What is the Oracle ACE Program? 

The Oracle ACE Program is designed to recognize and reward members of the Ora- 
cle Technology and Applications communities for their contributions to those commu- 
nities. These individuals are technically proficient (when applicable) and willingly 
share their knowledge and experiences. 

The program comprises two levels: Oracle ACE and Oracle ACE Director. The former 
designation is Oracle's way of saying "thank you" to community contributors for their 
efforts; we (and the community) appreciate their enthusiasm. The latter designation is 
for community enthusiasts who not only share their knowledge (usually in extraordi- 
nary ways), but also want to increase their community advocacy and work more pro- 
actively with Oracle to find opportunities for the same. In this sense, Oracle ACE is 
"backward looking" and Oracle ACE Director is "forward looking." 

What is an Oracle ACE Director? 

Oracle ACE Directors are individuals who not only meet the requirements of an Ora- 
cle ACE (that is, a track record of advocacy), but who can also commit to future par- 
ticipation in an ongoing dialog between Oracle and the people who use Oracle 
Technology or Applications in the "real world." Most Oracle ACE Directors have also 
made extraordinary contributions of some kind, whether technical or community- 
oriented. As with Oracle ACEs, employees are not eligible. 




This book, the Oracle ACE Cookbook, is a free book. Please feel free to copy it and share 
with others. 

This book came about because I love to eat. Since I love to eat, I learned to cook in self 
defense. I also love working with Oracle and databases. I put them together and came 
up with the idea for an Oracle ACE cookbook. 

The Oracle ACE program has been a great opportunity to meet some intelligent and fas- 
cinating people. People from all over the world are in the program. I sent out an email 
to the ACE and ACE Directors and asked who would like to share some of their favorite 
recipes. This cookbook is the result. 

The recipes in this cookbook, like the people in the ACE program, are international. 
Some of the recipes are more complex than others. Some of them look like a RAC im- 
plementation. They all look delicious though. 

I hope you enjoy the book, and I hope you enjoy the recipes, if you make them. From all 
of us at the Oracle ACE program, Bon Appetit! 

Lewis R Cunningham 
Riverview, FL USA 
Feb 23, 2013 


Contents 4& 

Main Courses 5 

Breads 18 

Soups, Salads and Sauces 23 

Sides 34 

Desserts 41 

Contributors 53 

Index 61 

ACE Photo 63 



ACE DifMto* 

If you really want to make a friend, go to someone's house and 
eat with him... the people who give you their food give you their 
heart. -Cesar Chavez 

Main Courses 

Food is our common ground, a universal experience. ~ James Beard 

Salmon Partitions . 
Meatloaf . 
Lamb in Pittas . 
Chicken Hawaii 
Floyd's Fusion Ribs 

ACEd Up Ham . 

Absolute Chicken Ecstasy 

Asian Turkey Wraps 









Salmon Partitions 


From: Chef Arup Nanda 
Serves: 2 

Prep Time: 45 min— 3 hrs 
Cook Time: 20 min 



1 . Mix the contents of the marinade — yoghurt, ginger paste, 
garlic paste, onion paste, soy sauce, thyme, 3 /4 th of the olive 
oil, salt and pepper in a medium size bowl. Mix thoroughly. 

2. Skin the salmon steaks on one side. Leave the skin on the 
other side. 

3. Drop the salmon pieces into the marinade bowl and gendy 
rub the sides forcing the marinade to seep in. If you have a 
marinating syringe, inject some marinade into the flesh. 

4. Cover the bowl with a plastic wrap or a cover and put in the 
refrigerator for up to 3 hours. If you don't have that much 
time, marinate outside the refrigerator for 30 minutes. 

5. Fill the large pan with plain water. Place the sheet of wood 
inside. Put the brick on the sheet to keep it down. Make sure 
that at least 3 /4 th of the brick is under water. Keep it like this 
for 3 hours (or 30 minutes, if you don't have time). 

6. 30 minutes prior to start of the cooking, take the pizza 
dough out of the refrigerator and allow it to warm up to the 
room temperature. 


1 . Warm the grill. If you don't have a grill, warm up the oven. 

2. Take the wood sheet out of the water and place on the grill. 
If you don't have a wood piece, put a 6"X12" aluminum foil 
on the grill or the oven rack and turn the sides slightly up so 
as to make a small pan. 

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Healthy, hearty and delicious 
based dish is all about. 

that's what this salmon- 


Salmon, cut into two 1" steaks 


Ginger paste — 1 tbsp 

Garlic paste — 1 tbsp 

Onion paste - 2 tbsp 

Soy sauce — 1 tbsp 

Olive oil - 2 tbsp 



Thyme — 1 pinch 

Yoghurt - 4 tbsp 

Other items 

Pizza dough — 1 ball 

Lemon - 1 

Baby carrots - 2 

A Cup of flour (to roll the dough in) 

A sheet of wood 3"X5" (any wood of 

at least 1/4" thick will do) 
Aluminum foil 12"X12" 
One Brick (get one from your yard. 

Clean if dirty) 
A large pan big enough to keep the 

brick submerged 

Main Courses 

Salmon Partitions 


3. Take the salmon pieces out of the marinade and put 
on the wood (or the aluminum foil). Put the skin 
side down. 

4. Pour the remaining marinade in the bowl on the fish. 

5. Put a few slices of lemon on the fish pieces. 

6. If you are using aluminum foil, place the other 
6"X12" piece on the top of the fish, clamp down the 
sides of the bottom aluminum foil to make a pocket 
inside which the fish stays. 

7. Take the brick out of the water and put it on the grill 
or the rack of the oven. Close the grill cover (or ov- 
en door). 

8. Roll the pizza dough on the table, with flour so as 
not to let the dough stick to the table. Pizza dough is 
malleable; you can pull into any shape. Make a trian- 
gular shape. You don't need to be perfect; just a tri- 
angle like shape is good enough. One ball makes two 
such triangular pieces. 

9. After 10 minutes, flip the fish over. If inside the alu- 
minum pocket, flick the pocket over. 

10. At this point the brick will be hot and effusing steam 
from the water it had absorbed. Place the triangle 
shaded pizza dough on the brick. 

11. After 5 minutes, put some olive oil on the bead side 
facing up and flip it over. 

12. At the same time flip the fish too. 

13. Let everything cook for 5 additional minutes. 

14. Open the grill cover, take everything out. Throw the 
wood sheet (or aluminum foil) and the brick away. 

15. Place a piece of fish on a plate towards the middle. If 
any sauce is left in the wood or aluminum foil, pour 
it over the fish. 

16. Cut the bread into two pieces and place them on 
either side of the fish, the olive oil dabbed side 

Main Courses 



From: Sheeri Cabral 
Serves: 3 to 4 

Prep Time: 10 min 
Cook Time: 45 min 


1. Preheat oven to 325 F. 

2. Saute onions, oil, salt, pepper and thyme until onions 
are translucent, but not brown. 

3. Add the Worcestershire sauce, chicken stock and toma- 
to paste and stir until well combined. 

4. Remove from heat, allow to cool. 

5. Combine ground turkey, bread crumbs, eggs, and onion 
mixture from the pan in a large bowl. Mix well and 
shape into a loaf pan (I have found no need to grease 
the pan, but I have a non-stick pan). 

6. Spread ketchup evenly across the top. (I have had suc- 
cess putting it in the meatloaf too, whatever you pre- 

7. Bake for 45 minutes or until the internal temperature 
reaches 160 F. (If you mix the ketchup into the meat- 
loaf, you can keep the top from cracking, by putting a 
bowl of water in the oven with the loaf.) 


This meatloaf works great in sandwiches, and with horse- 
radish sauce or wasabi. 


1 large yellow onion, chopped 

1 tbsp olive oil 

1 tsp kosher salt 

1 tsp black pepper, ground 

1/2 tsp fresh thyme (or 1/4 tsp dried) 

1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce 

1/3 cup + 2 tbsp (7 tbsp total) chicken 

1 tsp tomato paste 

2 to 2.5 pounds ground turkey (I've never 

tried to make it with ground beef, but 
I bet it would taste good too) 

3/4 cup bread crumbs 

2 eggs, beaten 

1/3 cup + 2 tbps (7 tbsp total) ketchup 

Main Courses 

Lamb In Pittas 


From: Brendan Tierney 
Serves: 3 to 4 

Prep Time: 10 min 
Cook Time: 15 min 


1 . Place the minced lamb in a large bowl with the onion 
and garlic 

2. Mix together until well combined and then divide the 
mixture into equal portions. About the size of a gold 

3. Using wetted hands, shape into patties and then arrange 
on a baking tray. 

4. Preheat the grill. 

5. Place the baking tray with the patties under the grill and 
cook for 1 minutes or until cooked 

through and golden brown, turning once. 

6. Wrap the pitta breads in tinfoil and place in a pre- 
heated oven (1 60C) for 5 minutes to warm through. Or 
you can use your toaster 

7. To assemble, place two of the lamb patties in to the 
pitta, with a teaspoonful of the hummus, a few pieces 
of the rocket and give it a like drizzle of the sweet chili 


To add a bit of extra flavor to the dish you can add some 
finely chopped mint to the lamb patties. 


lib lean minced lamb 
1 tablespoon fresh mint, chopped 
1 small onion, finely chopped 
1 garlic clove, crushed 
1 tablespoon sweet chili sauce 
1 tub of hummus 
4 whole meal pitta breads 
25g (loz) rocket 

Main Courses 

Chicken Hawaii 


From: Debra Lilley 
Serves: 3 to 4 

Prep Time: 20 min 
Cook Time: 1 hour 


1 . Place a pineapple slice under each chicken piece s in 
bottom of baking tray 

2. Put tray in hot oven and allow to start cooking whilst 
you prepare sauce 

3. Chop peppers and onions and place in pan with small 
amount of oil 

4. Stir over low heat until soft 

5. Add rest of pineapple chopped to pan and pineapple 
juice from tins 

6. Add curry powder and corn flour to about 1 cup water 
per person 

7. Mix all together and simmer until consistency of thick 

8. Pour over chicken 

9. Cover tray with foil and cook for at least an hour 
(check chicken before serving) 

10. Serve with rice 


Also known as Debra's Demon Dish. From Debra: I once 
cooked this at the OakTable for about 15 people. They ate 
it all so can't have been too bad. 


Chicken Pieces — I normally use thighs ( 2 
per person) 

Tinned pineapple slices (3 per person) 

Peppers — I normally use at least 2 differ- 
ent colors (about Vi each per person) 


Your favorite Curry Powder 

Corn Flour for thickening 

Main Courses 


Floyd's Fusion Ribs 


From: Floyd Teter 
Serves: 3 to 4 

Prep Time: 12 hrs 
Cook Time: 3 hour 


1. Rinse the ribs off in water and pat them dry. 

2. Put each slab of ribs in a heavy-duty ziplock bag. Add 
one can of Dr. Pepper to each bag. Put all three packages 
in your refrigerator and let them marinate for at least 12 
hours (18 is better). 

3. While you're waiting on the marination, mix the salt and 
pepper together in a bowl. 

4. 90 minutes before marination is complete, soak the 
wood chips in a bowl of water for one hour. Then wrap 
those chips up in an aluminum foil packet. Use a fork to 
poke some holes in the packet. 

5. When the marination is finished, remove the ribs from 
the bag and sprinkle liberally with the salt and pepper. 

6. Get your BBQ grill ready for cooking with indirect heat 
as the ribs finish marinating. . .you should have a grill temp 
of 300 degrees Fahrenheit before you put the ribs on the 

7. Place the foil packet full of wood under the grill racks, 
right on top of a burner with a flame or on top of one of 
your charcoal piles. Then place your ribs on the grill, meaty 
side up - over the unlit burners on a gas grill or in the mid- 
dle of your charcoal grill. Close the lid and let the ribs 
cook for one hour. Then flip the ribs, close the lid, and 
cook for another 30 minutes. Then remove the ribs to a 

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See Floyd's notes on Indirect Cooking. 


2 cups of brown sugar 

3 slabs of St. Louis-style pork ribs 

4 cans of Dr. Pepper original (no Diet, No 
"10" -only the real stuff) 

3/4 cup of salt 

1/2 cup black pepper 

3 cups of your favorite BBQ sauce 

11/2 cups of apple juice 

Some apple wood or cherry wood BBQ 

Some aluminum foil 

Main Courses 


Floyd's Fusion Ribs 




1 . No, you're not done yet. . .nowhere close. Good BBQ 
takes effort. 

2. Tear three long sheets of aluminum foil (about 1 8 inch- 
es long), one for each slab of ribs. 

3. Lay the foil sheets out flat and evenly distribute the 
brown sugar between the three sheets. 

4. Crimp the edges of the foil sheets so that no juice will 
leak out. 

5. Distribute the apple juice evenly between the three 

6. Put one slab of ribs in each foil packet, meaty side 
down, then wrap the foil completely around the ribs. 

7. Back to the grill with the lid closed for at least another 

8. After an hour, carefully slice open the top of each foil 
packet (I use a BBQ fork). Check the ribs - if they 
seem dry, baste with more apple juice. 

9. Close up the packets as best you can and let cook for 
another 30 minutes. 

10. Remove the ribs from the foil packets and place ribs on 
grill, meaty side up. 

1 1 . Baste with that last can of Dr. Pepper. Get your grill 
temp up to 350 degrees, wait 15 minutes, baste with the 
BBQ sauce, then flip the ribs. 

12. After 15 minutes, flip again (meaty side should be up 
now). Check your ribs with a fork or knife. . .if they're 
done, the meat will literally be falling off the bone. If 
not done, cook meaty side up until they are. 

13. Be careful taking these ribs off the grill. . .they may fall 
apart as you're moving them. Place meaty side down 
on a platter, slice between bones as desired (or maybe 
not, if you're really hungry), then serve them up 

Main Courses 




From: Ronald Bradford 
Serves: 3 to 4 

Prep Time: 5 min 
Cook Time: 90 min 


1 . Preheat oven to 325C 

2. Place tomatoes in cooking dish 

3. Lightly salt and pepper pork 

4. Lightly brown in frying pan (2-3 mins) 

5. Place pork in cooking disk, cover lightly with tomatoes 

6. Pork cooks for 90+ minutes. Reduce temperature 25C 
per 30 minutes. There does not seem any issues over- 

7. Remove pork and place into container. Separate with 
fork & knife. Pork should just fall away. 

8. Add some of the tomato juice from cooking disk to 

9. Add sauce to your liking. 


There are many choices for serving. Using toasted Ciabatta 
rolls with pulled pork and coleslaw is one example. Adding 
extra sauce to liking. 


1 kg (2 lbs) of pork tenderloin 
Tin of diced tomatoes 
BBQ sauce 
Salt & Pepper 


Frying pan 

Dutch Oven or casserole cooking dish 
(with lid) 

Post preparation container 

Main Courses 


ACEd Up Ham 


From: Floyd Teter 
Serves: 3 to 4 

Prep Time: 5 min 
Cook Time: 3-4 hrs 


1 . Cut a series of 1 /2-inch slashes in the ham in a cross- 
hatch pattern. 

2. Rub the ham with the oil and sprinkle it with the black 

3. Put the ham in a crock pot on medium heat and cook 
to an internal temperature of 150 degree (Fahrenheit, 
you geek!). Should take around 3-4 hours, depending 
on your crock pot. 

4. Mix the BBQ sauce and the brown sugar. 

5. Glaze the ham with the mix. 

6. Continue cooking the ham to an internal temperature 
of 160 degrees. 

7. Remove from the crock pot, let rest for 15 minutes at 
room temperature. 

8. Slice & serve. 


One you try this, it may become your favorite way to pre- 
pare a ham! 


1 fully cooked ham (boneless or bone-in) 

1/2 extra virgin olive oil 

Freshly ground black pepper (to taste) 

11/2 cups of your favorite BBQ sauce 

1/2 cup of brown sugar 

1 teaspoon of liquid smoke (Apple is best, 
but Hickory or Pecan will work too) 

Main Courses 


Absolute Chicken 



From: Floyd Teter 
Serves: 3 to 4 

Prep Time: 5 min 
Cook Time: 90 min 


1 . Put the chicken thighs in a heavy-duty ziplock bag or 
plastic container with a lid. 

2. Add the Paul Newman's Own. 

3. Stick the package in your refrigerator and let them mari- 
nate for 12 to 18 hours (any more than 18 and the 
thighs will get "rubbery"). 

4. 90 minutes before the thighs are done, soak the wood 
chips in a bowl of water for one hour. Then wrap 
those chips up in an aluminum foil packet. Use a fork 
to poke some holes in the packet. 

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A note on indirect cooking in cooking: the idea here is 
to roast the chicken on the BBQ. Gas Grill: Fire up all 
your burners for 20 minutes with the lid closed, then 
turn off half the burners (I always turn off the burner or 
burners on the right - the left burners usually burn a bit 
hotter). . .wait until your grill cools to 300 degrees before 
doing anything else. Charcoal grill: start your charcoal 
fire, wait until the coals are white, then pile the charcoal 
on both sides of the grill - no coals in the middle of the 
grill. Then you're ready to cook.minutes with the lid 
closed, then turn off half the burners (I always turn off 
the burner or burners on the right - the left burners usu- 
ally burn a bit hotter) . . .wait until your grill cools to 300 
degrees before doing anything else. Charcoal grill: start 
your charcoal fire, wait until the coals are white, then 
pile the charcoal on both sides of the grill - no coals in 


4 to 8 chicken thighs 

1 bottle of Paul Newman's Own (Olive Oil 
and Vinegar) 

1 cup of your favorite chicken seasoning or 

11/2 cups of your favorite BBQ sauce. 

Some Apple Wood chips for BBQing 

A little aluminum foil 

Main Courses 


Absolute Chicken 





5. Get your BBQ grill ready for cooking with indirect heat 
as the thighs finish marinating. . .you should have a grill 
temp of 300 degrees Fahrenheit before you put the 
thighs on the grill. 

6. Place the foil packet full of wood under the grill racks, 
right on top of a burner with a flame or on top of one 
of your charcoal piles . 

7. Place your thighs on the grill - over the unlit burners on 
a gas grill or in the middle of your charcoal grill. 

8. Sprinkle your thighs liberally with the seasoning or rub, 
then close the lid. Wait 20 minutes, flip the thighs, 
sprinkle again and close the lid. 

9. Do not open that lid for at least 45 minutes - no peek- 

10. Sauce the chicken with your favorite BBQ sauce. 

1 1 . Wait 1 5 minutes and check the internal temp of the 
thighs - if you've done it right, you should be close to 
180 degrees and the juices should run clear. 

12. Take the chicken off the grill after reaching that internal 
temp of 180 degrees. Rest the thighs for 10 minutes at 
room temperature, then serve. 


4 to 8 chicken thighs 

1 bottle of Paul Newman's Own (Olive Oil 
and Vinegar) 

1 cup of your favorite chicken seasoning or 

11/2 cups of your favorite BBQ sauce. 

Some Apple Wood chips for BBQing 

A little aluminum foil 

Main Courses 


Asian Turkey Wraps 

From: Lillian Buziak 
Serves: 4 

Prep Time: 15 min 
Cook Time: 10 min 






Heat peanut oil in heavy skillet over medium-high heat 

Add onion and saute until slightly brown, approx. 3 


Add turkey and saute until cooked through, breaking up 

any large pieces, approx. 7 min 

Fold in peanut sauce, hoisin sauce, and 1 Tbl soy sauce; 

heat through 

Stir in cucumber and chopped mint 

Season to taste with salt and pepper 

Transfer turkey mixture to bowl. 

Place mint sprigs and lettuce leaves on platter. 

To make wraps, brush lettuce leaf with hoisin sauce, 
spoon turkey mixture onto lettuce leaf, add a few mint 
sprigs, fold in sides over filling, roll up, and enjoy. 


Steps 1-4 can be made 8 hours ahead. Cover and refrig 
erate. Reheat in skillet, adding a few Tbl of water to 
moisten, if necessary) 

*Asian peanut sauce and Hoisin sauce can be found at 
the Asian section of most grocery stores or specialty 
Asian markets. 


1 Tbl peanut oil 

1 large onion, chopped 

1 1/4 lb lean ground turkey 

1/2 C Asian peanut sauce* 

1 Tbl hoisin sauce*, plus additional for 

1 Tbl soy sauce (low sodium) 

1 cucumber, peeled, seeded, chopped 
(about 1 1/4 C) 

1/3 C coarsely chopped fresh mint plus 
1/3 C small mint springs (for garnish) 

12 large butter lettuce leaves 

Main Courses 



Good bread is the most fundamentally satisfying of all foods; good bread 
with fresh butter, the greatest of feasts! ~ James Beard 

Predictive Analytics Bread 19 

Zganci 20 

Plump up the DBA 21 

Whole Wheat Waffles 22 

Predictive Analytics Bread a 

From: Brendan Tierney 
Serves: 3 to 4 

Prep Time: 20 min 
Cook Time: 1 hour 


1 . Fill a container with warm-ish water (not too warn). 

2. Add the sugar, honey and yeast 

3. Give it a good stir to mix all the ingredients and let it sit 
5 minutes. While waiting weigh the flower and place in 
a bowel for mixing 

4. Add the mustard power and give it a good mix 

5. At this stage you should see the yeast doing its magic in 
the container. It will be creating a foam on top of the 
liquid mixture 

6. Slowly add the liquid into the bowel, mixing all the 
time, using your fingers and hand. Make sure that you 
get the foam mixed in. 

7. When fully mixed you should have a nice dough mix- 

8. Cover the bowel with cling film and place in a warm 
room or airing cupboard for 30 minutes 

9. At this point it should have risen to be at least twice it 
original size 

10. Spend the next 3 to 5 minutes kneading the dough, or 
until you cannot knead it anymore 

1 1 . Get a baking tray and slightly dust it with some of the 

12. Place the dough on the baking try and roll out the 
dough so that it is approx. 1 to 2cm thick 

13. Leave it to rise again in a warm room for another 30 

14. Place it in a pre-heated oven at 180C for 19 minutes 

15. Take it off the baking tray and leave it to cool on a wire 

16. Then enjoy delicious home cooked break 


This is a basic bread recipe with a couple of secret ingredi- 
ent and uses a mixture of sugar and honey for the sweet- 
ness. No salt is used in this recipe. 


0.5kg strong bread flour 

310ml tepid water 

1 Og dried yeast 

1 tablespoon brown sugar 

1 tablespoon of honey 

1.5 teaspoons mustard power (I use Eng- 
lish Mustard) - this is the secret ingredient 

extra flour for dusting 





From: Matjaz & Eva 
Serves: 3 to 4 

Prep Time: 10 min 
Cook Time: 10 min 


1 . Roast the buckwheat flour in an ungreased iron pan 
until the aroma appears, stirring constantly. 

2. Pour the salted boiling water over the flour 

3. Stir until it begins to form 

4. Cover the pan and place over very light heat for ten 
minutes so that flour swells 

5. Brown cracklings in lard 

6. Garnish over Zganci 


This is Eva's version. Zganci is pronounced zhgun-tzee 


700 g buckwheat flour 

0.75 1 salted boiling water 

few spoons of lard with cracklings 



Plump up the DBA 


From: Marcelle Kratochvil 
Serves: 3 to 4 

Prep Time: 20 min 
Cook Time: 1 hour 


1 . Mix flour with the semolina and add the salt 

2. Mix milk with yolks separately. 

3. Add to the flour/ semolina mix 

4. Beat with gusto until soft and bubbly 

5. Put to the side (grab a glass of good wine and consume) 

6. Cut bread rolls into cubes. 

7. Fry them with butter. Make sure its not soggy but toast- 

8. Add the cubes to the dough 

9. Grab a large amount of the dough and make a large roll 
that will just fit into the saucepan. 

10. Get a very large deep saucepan of boiling water (no 
need for a lid) 

1 1 . Boil the dumping for 30 minutes 

12. Remove the dumping carefully (its hot). Rest on a towel 
to drain the excess water 

13. Let it cool down and relax. Time to grab that second 
glass of wine to marvel at the creation. 

14. When the glass of wine is finished, slice the dumpling 
thickly, cover in dill sauce 

15. Serve with wine. Add any meat dish on the side. A 
good beef or large pork works well, especially if it com- 
plements the wine. 


History. This is based on a traditional Czech recipe (Bread 
Dumpling with Dill sauce). Its not for someone who is on a 
diet. It's both flavoursome and colourful. The dumpling 
made is large and will last for a couple of weeks once 
cooked. Normal dumplings are small, but this is different 
which adds to the appeal of it. You create a very large 
dumpling which is as solid as a brick. Its tasty and you cut it 
thickly like bread. After a couple of days, you can slice it 
and fry it in butter and serve with ham and eggs. The dill 
sauce can then also be used like a hollandaise sauce. 


8 oz (230g) plain flour 
8 02 (230g) fine semolina 

1 pint (600ml) milk 
4 bread rolls 

2 egg yolks 

1/2 teaspoon (tsp) salt 

1 teaspoon (tsp) of fat/oil/butter 



Whole Wheat Waffles $ 

From: John Flack 
Serves: 3 to 4 

Prep Time: 10 min 
Cook Time: 10 min 


1 . Combine flour, baking powder and salt in a large bowl. 

2. In a separate bowl, beat the eggs and whisk in oil, milk, 
sugar and vanilla extract. 

3. Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients 

4. Stir until no dry flour is seen. 

5. Heat your waffle iron and cook according to the manu- 
facturer's instructions. 


From John: I discovered this recipe when I was trying to 
lose weight and my diet called for only 100% whole grain 
products. These are higher fiber, with a lower glycemic in- 
dex than regular waffles, especially when served with sliced 
fruit instead of syrup. Best of all, they taste good enough 
that my kids like them too. You can freeze them and reheat 
in a microwave or toaster, but if you plan to toast some, 
cook them a little lighter than usual. 

DO NOT OVER MIX THE FLOUR! Lumps are okay. 
Over mixing will make the waffles tough. I've heard that 
replacing some of the whole wheat flour with cake flour 
will help prevent this problem, but I haven't tried it myself. 


2 1/2 cups whole wheat flour 

4 tsp baking powder 

3/4 tsp salt 

11/2 Tbsp sugar 

1/2 tsp vanilla extract 

2 eggs 

2 1/4 cups milk 

1/4 cup vegetable oil 



Soups, Salads, and Sauces 

Soup is just a way of screwing you out of a meal.— Jay Leno 

White Bean & Tuna Salad 24 

Tuscan Salad 25 

Beginner's Basic Broth 26 

Pizza Soup 27 

Crawfish EXATouffee 28 

Chile Verde 29 

Quick Red Beans 30 

Dill Sauce 31 

BBQ Sauce 32 

White Bean & Tuna Salad a 

From: Lewis Cunningham 
Serves: 3 to 4 

Prep Time: 5 min 
Cook Time: 2 hrs 


l.Chop the onion 

2.Mix the oil, spices, onion, beans and tuna in a bowl. 

3. Refrigerate at least 2 hours 

4.Serve cold on crackers 


I originally ate this in a restaurant and decided to create my 

They used cannellini beans. I prefer great northern beans. I 
use Bush and Glory brands. The Glory brand tastes better 
but the beans are mushier. 

For the tuna, you can use pretty much any canned tuna. To 
give it a different taste, you can use a flavored style canned 
tuna. The Bumblebee Spicy Thai Chili seasoned tuna med- 
ley is a good choice. 


1 5oz can of white beans 

1 5oz can of tuna 

1 small onion 

1 TB extra virgin olive oil 

Spices to taste 
Black pepper 
Garlic powder 
Siriracha Hot Sauce 

Soups, Salads and Sauces 


Tuscan Salad 


From: Brendan Tierney 
Serves: 3 to 4 

Prep Time: 10 min 
Cook Time: 10 min 


1. Tear the ciabatta into small 2cm pieces. 

2. Put into a roasting tray, drizzle with olive oil and toss 
with the fennel seeds, the oregano and a pinch of salt. 

3. Mix so that the bread is coated then put under a high 
grill for 10 minutes or until golden. 

4. Roughly chop together the capers with some of the 
basil leaves and the jarred peppers. 

5. Crush over the garlic cloves or chop finely. 

6. Add all of the tomatoes, roughly chopped. 

7. Put into a large bowl with a splash of red wine vinegar, 
a good drizzle of olive oil and salt and pepper to taste. 

8. Add the ciabatta. 

9. Toss and gently squeeze the whole mixture together 
with your hands. 

10. Top with the rest of the basil leaves and finely grated 
parmesan to serve. 

11. Serve a generous portion and enjoy. 



1 ciabatta loaf 

1 large teaspoon fennel seeds 

a few sprigs oregano or dried oregano 

1 tablespoon small capers 

a small bunch of fresh basil 

6 jarred red peppers 

3 cloves of garlic 

4 vines of cherry tomatoes, red and yellow 
preferably (a good selection of mixed to- 
matoes with plenty of color) 

red wine vinegar 

parmesan cheese 

Soups, Salads and Sauces 


Beginner's Basic Broth 


From: Debra Lilley 
Serves: 3 to 4 

Prep Time: 10 min 
Cook Time: 70 min 


1 . Chop the chicken and lightly brown in pan 

2. Add a liter of stock (I just add granules to water) 

3. Throw in chopped veg 

4. Throw in optional lentils 

5. Simmer for a good hour (although I use a pressure 
cooker so not so long) — if using lentils time may need 
extending (check bag). 

6. Add a healthy amount of salt & pepper 

7. I then throw in baby pasta and simmer for another 10 

8. Serve with your favorite bread; here In N Ireland that 
would be Wheaten Bread 


From Debra: My daughter's favorite - N Irish Classic Vege- 
table Broth or BeginnersBasicBroth 


Some Chicken 

Bag of chopped Vegetables (I guess you 
can chop your own) 

Jar of chicken stock granules 

Optional — handful or baby pasta and/or 

Salt & Pepper 

Soups, Salads and Sauces 


Dan Hotkey 1 s Pizza Soup a 

From: Dan Hotka 
Serves: 8 

Prep Time: 2 min 
Cook Time: 10 min 


1 . Cook the sausage well, drain off the grease. 

2. Put all soups/tomatoes/cooked sausage in a pan. Add 
water till it is soup but still rather thick. 

3. Heat over medium heat. 

4. Serve it hot with the cheese sprinkled on top. 


Super simple soup (S3) 


4 cans Campbell Minestrone Soup 

1 pound (16oz) Italian sausage 

1 can Italian diced tomatoes... (I like the 
one with oregano and garlic in it) 

Mozzarella Cheese 

Soups, Salads and Sauces 


Crawfish EXAtouffee 


From: Lewis Cunningham 
Serves: 4 

Prep Time: 10 min 
Cook Time: 45 min 


1 . In a large pan, saute the vegetables in the butter and 
olive oil. 

2. Cook until tender. 

3. Add the cayenne and salt. 

4. Stir. 

5. Add the flour and continuously stir until the roux dark- 
ens. Never stop stirring. When it starts to smell like 
peanuts, you can stop or you can go for a darker roux. 

6. Pour in the water and stir well. 

7. Simmer for 10-15 minutes until the liquid is sort of 

8. Add the crawfish and simmer for 10 to 15 minutes. 

9. Pour over rice or French bread. 


This tastes great and has a bit less butter than traditional 

Use Louisiana crawfish if you can get them. 

You can make the roux as dark as you want. For etouffee, I 
prefer a blonde roux. If you get black flecks in the roux, 
you've burnt it and it will taste nasty. 

You can use chicken or fish stock in place of the water. 


1/2 cup butter 

1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil 

16oz frozen, cooked crawfish 

2 sticks chopped celery 

1 nice size chopped green pepper 

1 nice size chopped onion 

1 chopped carrot 

A couple of diced garlic cloves 

2 heaping tablespoons of flour 

3 cups of water 
Cayenne pepper to taste 
Salt to taste 

Soups, Salads and Sauces 


Chile Verde 

From: Vikki Lira 
Serves: 4 

Prep Time: 30 min 
Cook Time: 6-8 hrs 


1 . Heat olive oil in a saute pan over medium high heat. 

2. Add onions and garlic and saute until soft, approxi- 
mately 5 minutes. 

3. Add green chile and saute for 3-4 minutes more until 
chile is heated through. 

4. Remove from heat. 

5. Trim excess fat from pork roast and season with salt & 

6. Place pork roast in a large slow cooker (5-6 quarts). 

7. Cover roast with onion mixture. 

8. Add chicken broth to cover roast entirely. Add orega- 
no and optional tomatoes/tomatillos. 

9. Cover pot and cook for 6-8 hours on medium-low. 

10. At end of cook time, remove roast from slow cooker. 
Let cool for a few minutes. Roast should easily break 
into a few manageable chunks. Trim fat and shred 
meat into bite size pieces using 2 forks. 

11. Skim excess fat from cooked broth. Add shredded 
meat back to slow cooker. Heat on medium until meat 
is warmed through. Season with salt and pepper to 

12. Serve in bowls with warm corn tortillas and avocado 
slices on the side. 


Optional toppings: shredded Mexican style, cheddar or 
Monterey jack cheese, dollop of sour cream or non-fat 
plain Greek style yogurt. 

For a heartier meal, serve with Spanish Rice . 


1 large yellow onion diced 
3-4 garlic cloves minced 

1 T Olive oil 

2-3 Cups diced roasted green chile 
(preferably New Mexican) 

41b pork roast 

8 Cups chicken stock (I like organic, low- 

2 T dried oregano 

Optional: can of diced tomatoes or diced 

Salt to taste 

Soups, Salads and Sauces 


Quick Red Beans and Rice * A 

From: Lewis Cunningham 
Serves: 4 

Prep Time: 5 min 
Cook Time: 20 min 


1 . Saute onions and garlic in large sauce pan 

2. Add beans, tomatoes and cayenne 

3. Bring the beans to a boil 

4. Simmer for 5 minutes 

5. Add instant rice 

6. Simmer for 5 more minutes 

7. Remove from heat and let sit for 5 minutes 



1 large yellow onion diced 

3-4 garlic cloves minced 

1 15oz can seasoned red or black beans 

1.5 cups instant rice 

1 can stewed tomatoes 

Salt to taste 

Cayenne pepper to taste 


Soups, Salads and Sauces 


Dill Sauce 


From: Marcelle Kratochvil 
Serves: 8 

Prep Time: 2 min 
Cook Time: 30 min 


1 . Whisk cream, flour, salt and sugar 

2. Bring to boil, then simmer for 15min 

3. Whilst simmering, grab some of the sauce and put in 
the fridge to cool down 

4. Mix yolks with some of the above sauce which has 
cooled down (to avoid the yolk cooking) 

5. Once mixed, add it back into the simmering sauce and 
mix well 

6. Put vinegar into a saucepan and boil it. When boiling 
add the dill and simmer 

7. Melt butter and add it to the dill. 

8. Mix this butter/dill sauce with the main sauce and sim- 

9. Serve with traditional bread dumplings (See Plump up 
the DBA with Multimedia) 


Undo the belt buckle, relax and enjoy with another very 
large glass of red wine. 


2 egg yolks 

1 pint (600ml) cream 

1 oz (30g) flour 

1 oz (30g) sugar 

1 tablespoon (tbl) chopped fresh dill 

1/3 z (lOg) butter 

1 x dessert spoon of vinegar 

Soups, Salads and Sauces 


Developer Clobbering 
BBQ Sauce 


From: Marcelle Kratochvil 
Serves: 8 

Prep Time: 2 min 
Cook Time: 6 hrs 



The aim is to infuse the flavors together. This is best 
done by a pressure cooker. 

By repeatedly cooking and cooling enables the sauce to 
thicken, mature and the spices to impart their flavors. 

• Pressure Cooker for 45 minutes. 

• Cool 

• Pressure Cooker for 45 minutes 

• Cool 

• Pressure Cooker for 45 minutes 



Remove any large pieces. If you are up for it, throw in a 
couple of whole chilies into the sauce for visual effect. 

Pour into a large glass container. Let the sauce settle 
and thicken for a couple of days in the fridge. 

5. If you don't have a pressure cooker, cook the ingredi- 
ents in a large saucepan with lid. Bring to boil then sim- 
mer for 45 minutes. Cool and repeat two more times. 


This is a BBQ Sauce with bite. The recipe has been refined 
over the years to add more flavor, character and depth to 
the sauce. 

This is one bold sauce that intimidates and can be scary to 
use. With exceptional bite and flavor it will last refrigerated 
for 12 months or longer. 

It actually thickens and improves with age. Use it as a base 
for pasta sauces. Smother over chicken wings. Great with 
sausages for the BBQ. Use as a side sauce for red meat 

Just add it for flavor to any dish to give it some heat. 



1 -2 ltr tomato sauce (plain brand variety) 
1/3-1/2 cup water 

1/3 cup apple cider 


1/4 cup Honey 

2 tbl Lemon juice 
1/2 cup butter 

1/4 cup Brown Sugar 
Worcestershire sauce 
2 tbs vinegar 


All these ingredients can be adjusted based 

on preferences. 

1 teaspoon Black Pepper 

1 teaspoon Cumin 

1 teaspoon Allspice 

1 teaspoon Cinnamon 

1 large Onion (finely sliced) 

1 tbl Wholegrain Mustard (or American 

3-5 tbl Garlic (finely chopped) 

2 tbl Soy Sauce 

2-3 tbl Ginger (finely chopped) 
1 tbl of salt 


1/3 cup Whisky (medium quality blended 
whisky, don't waste the good single malts 
here, drink that with the chicken wings 
covered in the sauce). American Bourbon 
is just as good. 

1/3 cup Rum (Australian Bundaberg al- 
ways a good choice, but any type of rum is 

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Soups, Salads and Sauces 


Developer Clobbering a 

BBQ Sauce 




1/3 cup Whisky (medium quality blended 
whisky, don't waste the good single malts 
here, drink that with the chicken wings 
covered in the sauce). American Bourbon 
is just as good. 

1/3 cup Rum (Australian Bundaberg al- 
ways a good choice, but any type of rum is 


This is the fun part. Based on your 
strength of fortitude and character will de- 
termine how much heat the sauce will 

Chilies are a must and there are a huge va- 
riety in the market to pick from each with 
their intensity (as measured in Scoville heat 
units (SHU)) 

The aim of the cooking method is to ex- 
tract as much heat from the chilies as pos- 
sible and then repeat it to ensure each chili 
is drained of its spiciness. 

1-5 Chilies (red, green variety, whole or 

Chili Sauce 

Tabasco Sauce 

Chili flakes 


Soups, Salads and Sauces 



The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook 
~ Julia Child 

Passover Noodles . . 




Creamy CBO Pudding. 


Nuclear Greens 


LMON Risotto . 


Spanish Rice . 


Saba's Passover Noodles a 

From: Sheeri Cabral 
Serves: 8 

Prep Time: 2 min 
Cook Time: 5 min 


1 . Mix all ingredients together 

2. Drop a few drops of oil into a small pan (a crepe pan or 
other non-coated pan works well). 

3. Pour a thin layer of the batter into the pan. Tilt the pan 
to cover. 

4. Turn the crepe over and watch that it does not burn. 

5. Remove the crepe and lay it on a plate 

6. Stir the mixture occasionally 

7. Continue to make the crepes 

8. Let cool 

9. Roll the crepes and cut thin slices 

10. Unroll or "fluff the slices into thin long noodles. 

1 1 . Place in a covered dish. 

12. Refrigerate if not served on the same day. 


Kosher for Passover egg noodles. My family puts them in 
matzo ball soup. 

The first few "crepes" usually do not come out well, even 
for me, and I've been making these for a long time! 


5 eggs - beat well 

2 tbsp. Oil (canola/vegetable oil, olive oil 
does not work well) 

1/2 cup water 

5-6 tbs. potato starch 

extra oil 

/i » *rj * ^ Jim 




From: Ronald Bradford 
Serves: 4 

Prep Time: 5 min 
Cook Time: 60 min 


1 . Dice butternut squash, fennel and brown onion 

2. Add to baking dish with generous amount of olive oil 
and mixed herbs 

3. Mix Ingredients 

4. Place in oven at 425F for 60 minutes 

5. Let stick of goat cheese sit at room temperature (or 
warm slightly on oven top) 

6. Cook pasta 

7. Add goat cheese to bottom of mixing bowl, add cooked 
fresh pasta. The heat will help melt cheese 

8. Add basil and pecans and mix 

9. Add cooked vegetables and mix 


One Butternut squash, one fennel, one on- 

Small stick of goat cheese 

Small sized Pasta (e.g. bowties, spirals) 

Fresh basil 

Candied Pecans or Walnuts 



Creamy CBO Pudding jfr 

From: Kellyn Pot'vin 
Serves: 8 

Prep Time: 15 min 
Cook Time: 50 min 


1. Preheat oven to 350 F degrees. 

2. Melt 4 tablespoons of the butter in a frying pan, add 
chopped onions, a pinch of salt and pepper, cooking up 
onions until soft. 

3. Place cream, eggs, flour, sugar, 2 cups of the corn, a 
pinch of salt and pepper into a deep bowl, using beat- 
ers, blend until only slightly "lumpy" with the corn. 

4. Add the cooked onion and the remaining corn, using 
the beaters on the lowest setting to simply mix well into 
the earlier mixture. 

5. Grease a 2 qt. oven safe baking dish and pour the mix- 
ture into the dish. Sprinkle the fresh chives on top and 
back at 350 for 50-60 min. The mixture is ready when 
set, but with still light movement in the middle. 

6. Allow to set for 15 minutes before serving. 


CBO = Corn Baked Onion 

From Kellyn: This cream pudding is a light, satisfying dish- 
creamy, decadent inside, crispy, light top. 

I grew up with two French-Canadian Grandmothers who 
were both excellent cooks. One in particular, taught me to 
always cook by taste, never by measure, so I'm considered 
naturally skilled in the kitchen, but without measurements, 
it can often make it difficult to share recipes. 


5 large eggs 

6 tablespoons of salted butter 

1/2-1 cup of onion, chopped, frozen 
works just fine, (up to cook's preference...) 

2 cups of heavy cream 

Salt and pepper to taste 

1/4 cup flour 

2 tablespoons of sugar 

16 ounces of frozen corn 

2 tablespoons of fresh chives, (fresh is im- 
portant, don't use dried!) 

Sides 37 

Quick Cabbage and 
Green Beans 


From: Lewis Cunningham 
Serves: 8 

Prep Time: 2 min 
Cook Time: 10 min 


1 . Put all the ingredients in a microwave safe bowl 

2. Cover it and shake 

3. Nuke for 2 minutes 

4. Shake it up 

5. Nuke for 2 more minutes 

6. Shake it up 

7. See if the green beans are tender. If they are, you can 
eat. If not, nuke for 2 more minutes. Rinse. Repeat. 


This is also known as nuclear greens. This goes great with 
grilled pork chops or steak. 


Large bag of chopped cabbage 

1 lb fresh/frozen/canned green beans 

1 bag of nuke-in-bag mixed veggies 

Salt to taste 

Pepper to taste 

Red pepper flakes to taste 

1 Tbs soy sauce 

Sides 38 

LMON Risotto 


From: Kellyn Pot'vin 
Serves: 4 

Prep Time: 10 min 
Cook Time: 20 min 


1 . In large sauce pan, prepare rice by bringing chicken 
broth, wine, garlic and butter to a boil. 

2. Add rice, little by little, stirring constantly. 

3. Once all moisture is absorbed, (about 20 min.) Remove 
from heat. 

4. Add in cream, dill, curry and then squeeze in desired 
amount of lemon juice and zest. 

5. For a lactose free version, replace the cream and butter 
with the following ingredients: 

• 2 tbsp olive oil 

• 1/2 cup almond milk 

• 3 tbsp cream of tartar 

• 2tsp salt 

1. If left too long, over cooked, simply add a small bit of 
water to again achieve desired risotto texture. 


I have family that have both lactose and gluten free diet 
requirements and while the older recipe is naturally gluten 
free, iVe included my lactose free "upgrade" for those chal- 
lenged for a great tasting side dish. This is another dish that 
everyone adores tangy, creamy and satisfying, dressed up at 
a formal meal or down at a BBQ. 


1 cup of arbario, (risotto) rice 

1 3/4 cups of chicken broth 

1/4 cup white wine 

1/8 cup butter, (1/2 stick) 

1/2 cups of heavy cream 

ltbsp of fresh, minced garlic 

1 large lemon, ( often use two, up to the 
cook's judgement on how lemony you de- 

ltsp fresh dill 

4 tsp yellow curry powder 

Salt and pepper to taste 



Spanish Rice 

From: Vikki Lira 
Serves: 4 

Prep Time: 10 min 
Cook Time: 30-45 min 


1 . Heat oil in saute pan over med-high heat. 

2. Add rice and saute until rice is browned, approximately 
10-15 minutes. 

3. Add onion and garlic and saute until soft, about 5 

4. Add chicken stock and tomato sauce. Bring to a boil. 

5. Cover pan and reduce to simmer. 

6. Cook until all liquid is absorbed, approx. 30-40 

7. Cook peas according to package instructions. 

8. Add to rice. 

9. Fluff rice with fork and season with salt to taste 



1 C long grain brown rice 

1 T olive oil 

V2 large yellow onion diced 
2-3 garlic cloves minced 

2 T tomato sauce or 1 T tomato paste 
2 % C chicken broth 

Optional: 3/4 C frozen organic green peas 

Sides 40 


Of course I made many boo-boos. At first this broke my heart, but then I 
came to understand that learning how to fix one's mistakes, or live with 
them, was an important part of becoming a cook. ~ Julia Child 

Basic Fudge . . 


Chocolate Fudge. . 


Data Pie . 




Big Walnut 12 Cake. 


Non-technical FruitDisk . 


APEX Ice Cream 


Mango Pudding 


Basic Fudge 


From: Sheeri Cabral 
Serves: 4 

Prep Time: 30 min 
Cook Time: 10 min 


1. In a 2.5 quart saucepan, combine brown sugar, evapo- 
rated milk and (if using) corn syrup. 

2. Bring to a boil, stirring frequently. 

3. Continue boiling and stirring frequently until the soft 
ball stage (238 degrees F, 116 degrees C). 

4. Remove from heat and add vanilla and butter, BUT 

5. Let cool for 25 minutes, then beat with a wooden 
spoon until fudge just begins to thicken. 

6. Add any add-ins and stir until fudge begins to lost its 

7. Pour into a greased 8 inch x 8 inch cake pan. 

8. When cool, cut into pieces (you may want to score the 
fudge while it is cooling). 


The vanilla can be substituted with other extracts, for ex- 
ample rum extract, orange extract, almond extract 


1 can (12 oz) evaporated milk (or 10 oz 
milk plus 1/2 cup powdered milk) 

4.5 cups brown sugar (light or dark, can 
use granulated white sugar too) 

1.5 tbsp light corn syrup (or simple syrup) 

1.5 tsp vanilla extracts. 
3 tbsp butter 

Add-ins - all are optional: 

1 tsp cayenne 
1.5 cups nuts, 
dried fruit, mochi 
cookie dough bites 



Chocolate Fudge 


From: Sheeri Cabral 
Serves: 4 

Prep Time: 10 min 
Cook Time: 20 min 


Prepare Basic Fudge as above , but add in chocolate with 
the milk and sugar and *one* of the following items: 

12 oz chocolate chips, and reduce sugar from 4.5 cups to 
3 cups. 


4 oz Baker's chocolate 


3/4 cup cocoa + 4 tbsp butter 


If you have other flavors of baking chips, you can substi- 
tute those in for the chocolate chips (for example, lemon 
chips, butterscotch chips, peanut butter chips, cinnamon 




Data Pie 


From: Ronald Bradford 
Serves: 4 

Prep Time: 10 min 
Cook Time: 3 hrs 


1 . Cut up cream cheese and leave at room temperature 

2. Juice 4 lemons 

3. Add condensed milk, lemon juice, passion fruit pulp, 
and cream cheese to bowl and hand mix for consistency 

4. Beat thickened cream until firm 

5. Fold in thickened cream into bowl 

6. Pour into pie crusts 

7. Refrigerate 2-3 hours before serving 


Cream Cheese 
Condensed Milk 
Thickened Cream 
4 lemons 
4 passion fruit 
2 large pie crusts 





From: Matjaz & Eva 
Serves: 4 

Prep Time: 90 min 
Cook Time: 60 min 



1. Basic dough: Sift the flour in a bowl. Cut the butter 
into pieces and add to the flour. Also add salt and sug- 
ar. Pour water and then knead the dough quickly. Make 
a ball, wrap the dough in foil and leave it to rest for 60 
minutes in the refrigerator. 

2. Filo dough: Make a hole in the sifted flour in the 
wooden board, add fat, salt, sugar and egg, and knead 
the ingredients while adding liquid. Knead for as long 
as the dough is smooth and stretchy. Make a loaf, oil 
the surface and let it rest for 30 minutes. 


L. Fillings: Mix the ingredients for each of the fillings in 

separate medium bowls until they are moist and spread- 
able, and set aside. For the apple filling, first eel the ap- 
ples and grate them. 

2. Sour cream topping: Mix the sour cream topping in- 
gredients in a medium bowl and set aside. 

3. Dressing: Melt the butter. 

4. Lightly brush the bottom and sides of a baking tray 
(approx. 40x35 cm) with some of the melted butter. 

5. Roll the rested filo dough and cover it with oil. Lift the 
dough and stretch it over the baking tray so the thicker 
edge of the dough hangs down. Cut into 8 equal parts 
in the shape of the baking tray. 

6. Heat oven to 1 80 to 200° C. 

7. Roll the basic dough. Cover the baking tray with a layer 
of the basic dough. The basic dough should cover also 
the edges of the baking tray. Stick it with a fork. Cover 
it with a sheet of filo dough. 

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Basic dough 

100 g butter or fat 
1 00 g sharp wheat flour 
100 g fine wheat flour 
pinch of salt and sugar 
1 dl of cold water 
Filo dough 

900 g fine wheat flour 
1 spoon of vegetable oil 

1 e gg 

pinch of salt and sugar 

lukewarm water for kneading 
Cottage cheese filling 

1000 g full fat cottage cheese 
1 00 g sugar 

2 eggs 

2 spoons of vanilla sugar 
pinch of salt 
grated lemon peel 
Poppy seed filling 

200 g fine grounded poppy seeds 
80 g of sugar 
1 spoon of vanilla sugar 
grated lemon peel 

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8. On the bottom that is already covered with the basic 
dough and the layer of filo dough, spread the first layer 
of the poppy seed filling, sprinkle with the melted but- 
ter and the sour cream topping. 

9. Put the second layer of the filo dough and spread over 
the cottage cheese filling and sprinkle it with the melted 
butter and the sour cream topping. 

10. Put the third layer of the filo dough. Spread it with the 
walnut filling and sprinkle it with the melted butter and 
the sour cream topping. 

11. Put the fourth layer of the filo dough. Spread it with the 
apple filling and sprinkle it with the melted butter and 
the sour cream topping. 

12. "Prekmurska" Moving ExaCake is halfway made. Re- 
peat all the fillings again to get 8 uniform layers. The 
top should be the filo dough. 

13. Cover the top with egg yolk and the melted butter. 

14. Bake for 1 hour or until top is golden brown. 

15. When baked sprinkle it with sugar. 


Walnut filling 

300 g grounded walnuts 
100 g sugar 

1 spoon of vanilla sugar 
0.4 dl of rum 
Apple filling 

1 kg apples (use the sour type) 
120 g sugar 

100 g bread crumbs 

2 spoons of vanilla sugar 
pinch of salt 
cinnamon powder 

Sour cream topping 

60 dl thick sour cream 
5 eggs 


250 g of butter 

1 -2 egg yolk 



Big Walnut 12 Cake 


From: Matjaz & Eva 
Serves: 4 

Prep Time: 10 min 
Cook Time: 20 min 



1. Dissolve yeast onto lukewarm milk in small bowl, then 
add sugar and combine. Cover and let rise in warm 
place for about 10 minutes. 

2. In big bowl scald milk and add butter. Cool to luke- 

3. In small bow beat egg yolks and then add sugar, salt 
and vanilla. Mix all the ingredients. 

4. In large bowl, sift 3 cups flour. 

5. Pour mixtures of prepared yeast, milk, butter, eggs and 
sugar into mixing bowl with 3 cups of flour. 

6. Beat with electric mixer until smooth and elastic. 

7. Keep adding remaining flour and mixing with a wood- 
en spoon. 

8. Place on floured board and knead for about 15 minutes, 
adding flour as needed, to make non-sticking dough. 

9. Place dough in a lightly bowl and turn to grease top. 

10. Cover with a clean towel and let rise in warm place for 
about 2 hours until double in bulk. 

1 1 . When dough has doubled, punch it down, again let rise 
till doubled (45 minutes). 

12. Meanwhile grease a round angel food cake pan. 
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1 large cake compressed yeast (2 02.) 
half cup of lukewarm milk 
1 spoon of sugar 

1 and half cups of milk 
3/4 cup butter 

5 egg yolks 
3/4 cup sugar 

2 teaspoons salt 

1 tablespoon vanilla 

7 cups of all-purpose flour (sifted) 

Walnut Filling: 

2 pounds walnuts (ground fine) 
1 stick butter (1/4 pound) 

1 and half cups milk or half and half 


2 cups sugar 
1/2 cup honey 

1 tablespoon vanilla 

Grated peel from 1 orange or 1 lemon 

5 egg whites 




Big Walnut 12 Cake 




Filling and baking: 

1. Grind walnuts in food chopper with finest blade. 

2. Melt butter in large saucepan and add milk, sugar and 
honey. Then cook to rolling boil, taking care not to let 
it boil over. 

3. Pour hot mixture over walnuts and then add vanilla and 
grated peel. Mix thoroughly and allow to cool. 

4. Beat egg whites till stiff, fold into cooled walnut mix- 

5. Punch down dough, on slightly floured surface roll. 
Spread on the filling all over the dough. 

6. Roll up jelly-roll fashion and place the loaf into the pan. 

7. Let loaf rise until almost doubled (around 30 minutes). 

8. Meanwhile start heating the oven to 190°C. 

9. Brush the top of the loaf with melted butter 

10. Bake the loaf for 35 min 

11. When done, remove from the pan. Lay upside down on 
rack to cool completely. 




Non-technical Fruit Disk a 

From: Debra Lilley 
Serves: 4 

Prep Time: 10 min 
Cook Time: 20 min 


Open Flan Case — this is normally where I get stuck 

Arrange fruit lovingly on base but not higher than ridge 

Make up gelatin as per packet instructions 

Pour over fruit carefully 

Leave in fridge to set 

Serve with squirty cream (which can cover up any mess you 


Flan Case from baking aisle in supermarket 

Tins of favorite fruit in juice (I guess fresh 
fruit would work) 

Gelatin mix 

Squirty Cream 



APEX Ice Cream 


From: Dimitri Gielis 
Serves: 4 

Prep Time: 10 min 
Cook Time: 20 min 

In this recipe we will do some rapid ice cream development 
and serve it with some HTML5 and CSS3 chocolate sauce. 
We have very little moving components and everything is 
done within the framework (Ice Cream Maker). 

To present the ice cream we can either go for a standard 
theme or we can take it to the next level and follow the re- 
sponsive design principles. 

Optional: we can also enhance the ice cream with some 
other JQuery plugins. 

So lets get started. 


1 . Make sure you have the database installed and the 
framework ready to be used. 

2. Combine the cream, milk and vanilla seeds in a pan and 
bring almost to the boil. 

3. Set aside to cool slightly 

4. Meanwhile, in a large bowl, whisk the egg yolks and the 
sugar together until thick and pale yellow in color 

5. Stirring continuously, pour the milk/ cream mix onto 
the whisked egg and sugar. Ensure that the sugar is 
completely dissolved. 

6. Return the mix to the pan and, over a low heat, contin- 
ue to stir until the mix gets a bit thicker. 

Tip 1: take your time to let the weather vaporize, it 
makes your ice cream smooth and creamy 

Tip 2: don't let the mix boil otherwise you get granular 
ice cream. 

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500ml /lpt full fat milk 

125ml / l/4pt single cream 

1 vanilla-pod 

3 egg yolks 

125g / 4 l/2oz castor sugar 

70g/2 l/2oz chocolate 



APEX Ice Cream 



7. Allow the mix to cool thoroughly and stir from time to 

8. Pour the mix into the Ice Cream Maker and mix until 

Building the chocolate sauce 

1. Put 70g / 2 l/2oz chocolate in a bowl with water 

2. Heat the bowl au bain-marie till the chocolate is com- 
pletely melted 


Take a nice bowl and put two scopes of ice cream in. Pour 
over as much as chocolate sauce as you'd like and finish up 
with some extra chocolate chips and a biscuit. 

In Belgium we love chocolate, so I can't get enough of it. 
There are many different kinds of chocolate, but I prefer 
the really dark (and bitter +75%) one. Together with the 
sweet ice cream it makes my favorite dessert! 


Desserts 51 

Mango Pudding 

From: Lillian Buziak 
Serves: 4 

Prep Time: 10 min 
Cook Time: 60 min 


1. Puree the mangoes in a blender. Transfer to a bowl. 
Pour the evaporated mile onto the mango puree, and 
the sugar and mix well 

2. In a separate bowl, pour in hot water and add the gela- 
tin (an not the other way around or you will get lumpy 
bits). Quickly stir until all the gelatin granules have dis- 
solved and add to the pureed mangoes and mix well. 

3. Ladle the mixer into 4 dishes. Place on a tray and re- 
frigerate for at least 1 hour 

4. When ready to serve, briefly put the dishes in a baking 
pan filled with 1 in. of hot water to help loosen the 
pudding. Use a flat knife to run around the edges of the 
pudding. Place a plate on top of the dish and quickly 
invert it - the pudding should fall onto the plate. 

5. Squeeze over lime juice, dust with powdered sugar and 
decorate with lime zest and sprig of mint. 


2 C fresh mangos (peeled) 
1 C evaporated milk 
1/2 C superfine sugar 
1 C hot water 
3/4 oz powdered gelatin 
Juice and zest or 1 lime 
powdered sugar for dusting 
Mint sprigs 




A o*ACL_e ORACLE^ /^ 

ACE Director . W 




What iVe enjoyed most, though, is meeting people who have a real inter- 
est in food and sharing ideas with them. Good food is a global thing and 
I find that there is always something new and amazing to learn - 1 love it! 
"Jamie Oliver 

I don f t like food that f s too carefully arranged; it makes me think that the 
chef is spending too much time arranging and not enough time cooking. 
If I wanted a picture Td buy a painting. ~ Andy Rooney 

Salt is born of the purest of parents: the sun and the sea.~ Pythagoras 

Red meat is not bad for you. Now, blue-green meat — that's bad for you! 
~ Tom Smothers 

We are living in a world today where lemonade is made from artificial 
flavors and furniture polish is made from real lemons. ~ Alfred E. 

Lewis R Cunningham £ 

Lewis Cunningham is a native New Orleanian who now lives in Tampa, FL. Lewis 
started writing as a teen, but didn't choose to publish until 
fairly recently (which is nowhere near the teen years). 

Lewis is an Oracle ACE Director, Oracle llg Certified Pro- 
fessional (OCP), Oracle llg Certified Data Warehouse Im- 
plementation Specialist, Database Architect and self- 
professed database geek. Lewis has over 25 years of data- 
base experience, mostly with Oracle, but also with Post- 
greSQL, MySQL and others. Lewis has worked in the feder- 
al government, higher education and financial industries. 

Lewis has authored, or co-authored several books, including 
the very popular, "Expert PL/SQL Practices: For Oracle Developers and DBAs M by 
Apress. His other books include SQL DML and EntepriseDB: The Definitive Refer- 
ence. Lewis is particularly fond of his middle grade novella, "Beyond The Fence", 
which was written with the assistance of his 9 year old son. 

Lewis has also written numerous articles, essays and white papers on various database 
topics. He writes the popular Oracle blog, An Expert's Guide to Oracle Tech nology. 

When not databasing, Lewis is probably writing fiction, blogging on one of his many 
blogs or enjoying spending time with his family. To keep up with what Lewis is doing, 
find him at his author page on facebook , , goodreads , LibraryThing or amazon . 

I'm on Twitter @theRealLewisC and you can email me 

Vikki Lira 

Senior Manager, Community Programs, Oracle Technology Network. Vikki has 
worked at Oracle for almost twenty years and has managed the Oracle ACE program 
since its inception. She resides in Westminster, Colorado with her husband, Trent and 
their 3 kids. Cooking is a hobby she developed while living in San Francisco, Califor- 
nia, a "foodie's paradise". These days her culinary repertoire focuses on easy, healthy 
recipes that can be made in large quantities to feed her busy, rapidly growing kids. 

Contributors 54 

Sheeri K. Cabral . 

Sheeri K. Cabral has a master's degree in computer science specializing in databases 
from Brandeis University and a background in systems administration. Unstoppable as a 
volunteer and activist since age 14, Cabral founded and organizes the Boston, Massachu- 
setts, USA, MySQL User Group and is the creator and co-host of OurSQL: The MySQL 
Database Community Podcast, available on iTunes. She was the first MySQL Oracle ACE 
Director, and is the founder (and current treasurer) of Technocation, Inc., a not-for- 
profit organization providing resources and educational grants for IT professionals. She 
wrote the MySQL Administrator's Bible and has been a technical editor for high-profile 
O'Reilly books such as High Performance MySQL 2nd Edition and CJ Date's SQL and 
Relational Theory. 

Dan Hotka 4* 

Dan Hotka is a Training Specialist and an Oracle ACE Director who has over 35 years in 
the computer industry, over 29 years of experience with Oracle products. His experience 
with the Oracle RDBMS dates back to the Oracle V4.0 days. Dan enjoys sharing his 
knowledge of the Oracle RDBMS. Dan is well-published with 12 Oracle books and well 
over 200 printed articles. He is frequently published in Oracle trade journals, regularly 
blogs, and speaks at Oracle conferences and user groups around the world. 

Ronald Bradford & 

With a passion to deliver high quality technical work, Ronald is always looking for the 
next challenging, hard working, and rewarding team environment contributing his many 
years of knowledge and wisdom and to enhance many more. 

Contributors 55 

Marcelle Kratochvil £> 

Marcelle Kratochvil is an Oracle DBA and Developer. She is CTO of Piction and her 
core focus is on working with and managing multimedia in the database. 

She has been working with Oracle since v4 and has extensive experience with the data- 
base on Windows, Linux and Solaris. Her joy is building web based apps in PL/SQL 
and has developed search engines, XML languages and webservices in it. 

Her first book: "Managing Multimedia and Unstructured Data in the Oracle Database", 

is due for release shortly and is available at: 


She has been an Oracle ACE Directory (all data/ any data) for over 4 years, comes from 

Australia, enjoys playing field hockey and loves a good single malt. 

She enjoys cooking and likes to take on challenging dishes. She cooks for fun. 

Amp Nanda 4* 

Arup Nanda has been working exclusively as an Oracle DBA for last 1 5 years covering 
everything from performance tuning to disaster recovery. He is the global head of da- 
tabase architecture for a New York area multinational company. He has co-authored 4 
books on Oracle database, written 300+ articles in many publications including Oracle 
Magazine and OTN, presented 150+ sessions at conferences like Oracle Open World 
and IOUG Collaborate, publishes a blog (, conducts training ses- 
sions and builds tools for effective database administration. He is an Oracle ACE Di- 
rector, a member of the Oak Table Network, an editor for SELECT Journal - the pub- 
lication of IOUG, a member of the Board of Directors of Exadata SIG. In 2003, he 
was awarded the DBA of the Year by Oracle. 

Contributors 56 

Brendan Tierney £ 

Brendan is based in Dublin, Ireland, where he is involved with the local Oracle User 
Group. He is also deputy editor of Oracle Scene Magazine. Brendan began working 
with Oracle 5, Forms 2.3, ReportWriter 1.1 and has worked with all the versions since. 
He has worked on projects in Ireland, UK, Belgium and USA. Brendan's main interests 
are with Predictive Analytics and Data Science. He regularly blogs on the Oracle Ad- 
vanced Analytics Option. He can be found at: 

Email : 

Twitter : @brendantierney 

Blog : http: / / 

Kellyn PotVin £ 

Kellyn PotVin is French-Canadian by birth and raised in the beautiful 
Upper Peninsula of Michigan. She now lives northwest of Denver, 
CO with her partner, Tim and her three children, Sam, Cait and 
Josh. She works for Enkitec and blogs at 

Lillian Buziak 

Lillian Buziak is a San Francisco native and was introduced to cooking at an early age 
where she use to help her father, a former chef, in the kitchen every Sunday after- 
noon to prepare dinner. She was raised in a traditional Chinese household and Sunday 
family dinners (including extended family) was a predictable event that occurred weekly 
for many years. Lillian learned early on how food brought family together and the im- 
portance of sharing it with those around her. She was also taught never to waste food 
(every grain of rice in her bowl had to be eaten) and to always try something new. A 
hard but good lesson, Lillian enjoys cuisines from all over the world and strives to pass 
on her eclectic palette to her young kids. Lillian is a team member of the Oracle ACE 

Contributors 57 

Debra Lilley 


Oracle Alliance Director at Fujitsu —posh title for simply making sure we work well to- 
gether. Someone in Fujitsu needs to understand everything Oracle and sharing that in- 
ternally and with customers. #ILoveMyJob. I live in N.Ireland but probably call most 
airport lounges home. My best friend is my daughter, a serving officer in the British 
Army; however she will be horrified at this contribution as I simply can't cook unless 
instructions suggest time in microwave. Outside of work I volunteer with UKOUG, 
and with whatever is left I dive, sew and teach IT to silversurfers and of course look 
after Stanley (link http: / /www. 

Matjaz and Eva 


Matjaz B. Juric, Ph.D., is professor at the University of 
Ljubljana and head of the SOA and Cloud Computing Com- 
petence Centre (; He is Oracle ACE 
Director, Java Champion and IBM Champion and has pub- 
lished more than 500 articles. He has (co)authored 15 books, 
among them Do More with SOA Integration, WS-BPEL for 
SOA Composite Applications, Business Process Driven SOA, 
Business Process Execution Language, BPEL Cookbook, etc. 

Eva Zupancic, is a researcher at the University of Ljubljana. Her 
core competencies include trust and reputation management, hu- 
man factor modeling, and security. She is a passionate chef. 

Contributors 58 

Dimitri Gielis 


Dimitri was born in 1978. Together with his family he 
lives in Leuven, Belgium. 

Already at an early age Dimitri started with computers 
(Apple II, IBM XT) and he quickly knew he would like 
to work with computers and especially with databases 
all his life. 

In 2000 Dimitri began his career working as a consult- 
ant for Oracle Belgium where he got in touch with al- 
most every Oracle product. His main expertise was in 
the database area, but at that time he was also exposed 
to HTMLDB which was renamed Oracle Application 
Express later on. From the very start he liked the Ora- 
cle database and APEX so much he never stopped working with it. Dimitri then 
switched to another company to create an Oracle team and do pre-sales, to later create 
and manage an Oracle Business Unit. 

In 2007 Dimitri co-founded APEX Evangelists ( 
APEX Evangelists is a company which specializes in providing training, development, 
and consulting specifically for the Oracle Application Express product. 

On his blog (http: / / he shares his thoughts and experience about 
Oracle and especially Oracle Application Express. 

Dimitri is a frequent presenter at different Oracle User Groups for example OBUG 
Connect, IOUG Collaborate, ODTUG Kaleidoscope, UKOUG conference and Ora- 
cle Open World. He likes to share his experience and meet other people. 

In 2008 Dimitri became an Oracle ACE Director. Oracle ACE Directors are known for 
their strong credentials as Oracle community enthusiasts and advocates. 

In 2009 Dimitri received the "APEX Developer of the year" award by Oracle Maga- 
zine and he also received the Best Speaker Award at ODTUG Kaleidoscope that year. 

In 2010 Dimitri received the "Inspiring Presentation award", 
er" from UKOUG 2010. 

'Best Overseas Present- 

Contributors 59 

Floyd Teter 


Floyd Teter is an Oracle ACE Director, an Oracle Fusion User Experience Advocate, and 
the Executive Vice-President of Products and Strategy at EiS technologies. Floyd has over 
30 years of business experience, including 15 years expertise with the Oracle Database, 
MySQL, and the Oracle E-Business Suite. He also has a deep knowledge of WebLogic and 
Fusion Applications. You can follow Floyd's thoughts (be prepared for serious attitude) 
at and on Twitter @fteter. 

John Flack $ 

John Flack has been acting as an internal consultant on projects at the U.S. Department of 
Health and Human Services (HHS), including the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Ser- 
vices Administration (SAMHSA), the Administration for Children and Families (ACF), and 
the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE). He has also pro- 
vided Oracle database administration services for the National Council of Architectural 
Review Boards (NCARB). He has more than twenty- five years of system analysis and de- 
sign experience. John is the author of numerous papers on Oracle Software Methodology, 
which he has presented at the Oracle Development Tools Users Group (ODTUG) Kalei- 
doscope conferences and other local Oracle user conferences. His paper, "Google Maps, 
ADF Faces, and Oracle Locator: A Backstage Tour of the New Treatment Locator," won 
the Editor's Choice Award for ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2008. His primary interests are JEE 
development with Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle Application Development Framework, 
database architecture and design, and PL/SQL Web Toolkit development. 

Contributors 60 


ACEd Up Ham 14 

Absolute Chicken Ecstasy 15 

Asian Turkey Wraps 17 

APEX Ice Cream 50 

Basic Fudge 42 

BBQ Sauce 32 

Beginner's Basic Broth 26 

Big Walnut 12 Cake 47 

Breads 18 

Chicken Hawaii 10 

Chile Verde 29 

Chocolate Fudge 43 

Contributors 53 

Creamy CBO Pudding 37 

Crawfish EXATouffee 28 

Data Pie 44 

Desserts 41 

Dill Sauce 31 

Floyd's Fusion Ribs 11 

Index 61 


Lamb in Pittas 9 

LMON Risotto 39 

Mango Pudding 52 

Main Courses 5 

Meatloaf 8 

MyPorkQL 13 

Non-technical FruitDisk 49 

NoPorkQL 36 

Nuclear Greens 38 

Passover Noodles 35 

Perkmurksa 45 

Pizza Soup 27 

Plump up the DBA 21 

Predictive Analytics Bread 19 

Quick Red Beans 30 

Salmon Partitions 6 

Sides 34 

Soups, Salads and Sauces 23 

Spanish Rice 40 

Whole Wheat Waffles 23 

Index 62 


Tuscan Salad 

White Bean & Tuna Salad. 

Zganci ....... 



Photo Credit: Richard Foote, ACE Director 

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